Our approach to violence prevention

We stop the violence before it starts!

In the Center for Power Analysis, we work with 'primary violence prevention', which means that the prevention of violence must start early in children's lives. Primary violence prevention must be understood as concrete prevention that reduces the occurrence of violence in the long term and thereby reduces the risk of violence. 

The aim is to stop the violence before it starts. We do this through public information and training for educators, teachers and professionals who work with children and young people. We also provide support when the damage has occurred, because we know that people who have been subjected to violence are at risk of being subjected to violence again.

We make a movement from the bottom up

We see that violence is a consequence of unequal conditions in society. Therefore, it is first and foremost the task of society's institutions and politicians to prevent violence.

At present, from the political side, the primary focus is on stopping the violence after it has happened, in the form of crisis centres, but not before it occurs. Until there are concrete proposals for violence prevention on the political agenda, we go to schools and institutions to teach teachers, educators and other professionals how to best equip children and young people to spot violence and stop it before it starts.