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As a member, you help prevent violence!

Why support us?

As a member, you help support our work, support groups for victims of violence and help us achieve the vision: a Denmark without violence!

A membership costs DKK 200 per year. 

With a membership, you have the opportunity to participate in a support group, free access to our events. You will receive newsletters and an annual invitation to the general meeting, where you can run for the board.  

What do I do?

Until we get our own financial aid platform up and running, you can:

MobilePay 555744

Bank transfer reg. no. 9570 account no. no. 0013129991

We would like to ask you to write your name and surname in the transfer, and then send us an email at medlemskab@talomvold.dk with your name and 'membership' in the title. We use your email to send the newsletter.