We prevent femicide through knowledge and tools for prevention!

In Femicide Watch we monitor and talk about the killing of women as misogynistic acts committed by men. Femicide Watch is a research unit.

We have compiled a mapping of 227 Danish femicides committed in the years 2000-2021.

The aim is to break the taboo surrounding violence against and killing of women

Research shows that on average, 12 intimate partner murders are committed per year in Denmark, with a male perpetrator and a female victim (Hedegård Thomsen 2020). While all other homicide statistics are showing a decrease, femicide, as a separate statistic, remains stable and has been for the past 25 years. The statistics show that the murder of women is a structural and gendered problem.

Project manager, Anna Bernsen, journalist and criminologist, states:

"There must be much more focus on preventing violence and murder of women, if we are to reduce the statistics which show that one woman, every month, becomes a victim of partner murder. In a mapping of 227 murders between the years 2000-2021, CMA has identified that the motive for the murders in 35 of the cases was jealousy. It shows us that femicide is a problem that must be prevented through information and knowledge about gender, power hierarchies and masculinity.” 

Here is an excerpt of findings from the mapping

Femicide, female homicide, or partner murder?

Concept clarification

Femicide refers to the structural conditions that precede the killing of a woman. In other words: Women are killed because they are women. We advocate using the term femicide instead of partner homicide. The difference is that partner homicide is defined as 'intimate homicide', and is delimited by the supposition that the person killed has a prior relationship with the killer. In practice, this now means that there is a knowledge gap in statistics on 'partner murder', which is the category the police use when they register murders. The murder of Kim Wall and Mia Skadhauge Stevn is therefore not part of the partner homicide statistics. This also means that the statistics for female homicides, or femicides, are higher than 12 women per year. They are actually 21 women a year. Out of the 100% of women killed each year (based on 25 years of statistics), 56% are in relationships. The remaining 44% of homicides against women are categorised differently, for example, when a homicide of a female sex worker is grouped as nightlife violence

A femicide is a misogynistic killing of a woman

“The use of the specific word femicide – rather than the gender-neutral word murder – is important for several reasons. By using femicide, we, first and foremost, recognise that misogynistic killing of women is a separate issue that requires separate solutions.” We have written an article about the concept that has been published in POV Read the rest of the article here



In connection with November 25, 2021, which was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we wrote an article for POV International, where we focus on the concept of femicide and problematise the lack of Danish research in said area:

We have made a literature review which brings together all Danish research on homicide in Denmark, with a focus on partner homicide, which is a form of femicide. Here we focus on the fact that many forms of femicide cannot be read in the available homicide statistics. Read the literature review here.

In reviewing Danish research, we found several knowledge gaps

  • There is only one qualitative Danish study that deals with partner homicide.
  • There is no Danish research on women who have survived an attempted murder by an (ex)partner.
  • There is no Danish research that uncovers the delayed effects of attempted murders and their consequences.
  • There is no knowledge of murder (attempts) directed at men, or LGBTQIA+ people in relationships.
  • The leading researchers in the field in Denmark are forensic doctors, and in Denmark there is no social science research on the prevention of femicide. 

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