We refer to offers with special knowledge about violence

In the Center for Power Analysis' support offer "Talk About Violence"  many say that a particular challenge when seeking support for or when you are in an abusive relationship is finding the right offers that can help you. We also meet people who have had disappointing experiences with offers because they lacked the right knowledge about violence and trauma understanding. Therefore, we have collected a number of offers that we can recommend. The offers are confidential and anonymous. We have compiled a list of all the country's offers for victims of violence, write to us at centerformagtanalyse@gmail.com and have it sent to you. 


We recommend - Conversation groups 

We recommend ExitCirklen and Projekt Q-Værk because they have certified knowledge about violence. Both offer discussion groups focused on rebuilding people after violence. 

The exit circle offers discussion groups with a special focus on psychological violence. The exit circle offers weekly discussion groups in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Køge and Bornholm. the purpose is to share life stories, experiences and hopes in order to find the strength and courage to break with the psychological violence. As well as acquiring cognitive methods to tackle and process the scars left by the psychological violence as well as methods to break with negative maintaining patterns of violence.

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Tel.: 31 31 15 93 (for registration)

Q-Værk offers conversation groups for women who are or have been exposed to psychological or physical violence in a close relationship. The conversation group is a therapeutic group course for women who have been exposed to partner violence.

The discussion groups are facilitated by our psychotherapists, who have solid experience with group therapy for women exposed to violence. Conversation groups consist of max. 8 women who meet every week either morning or afternoon/evening for 8 weeks.
In the discussion group, the women share experiences and experiences,
as well as the joys and challenges that can be associated with it
breaking up with an abusive partner.

Registration for discussion group  kontakt@qvaerk.dk or contact at  +45 9392 9003 

 Also offers individual counseling sessions consisting of 5 counseling sessions with a social worker.
These can be physical meetings or online. In the courses, the woman will, among other things, equipped with knowledge about violence, gets increased understanding of own reactions and support to act on this. The topic of the counseling is decided in a clarifying dialogue with the woman. Contact 93929003 Tuesdays 12-3pm and Thursdays 10am-1pm


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We recommend - telephone consultations

We have held courses for these offers, or we know that we have special knowledge of feminist methods and can therefore recommend that they have certified knowledge of violence and support after violence.


Victim counseling provides advice and support to victims, witnesses and relatives of victims of violence, crime and accidents.

Victim counseling helps in connection with violent and traumatic incidents. They can be contacted around the clock. 

Based on what you say, the adviser will try to guide, advise and most importantly: listen and make time for a conversation.

All their counselors are trained and have experience in counseling people in crisis.

Call 116 006.

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Lev Uden Vold can be contacted at 1888 around the clock. They offer both counseling and support for victims of violence and practitioners.


It can be difficult to reach out for help if you are in a relationship where you are in doubt as to whether you have been exposed to, for example, psychological violence or rape. Or maybe you have doubts about whether you use violence yourself. 

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'Tell it to someone' is a free counseling course for women and relatives of women who live with psychological violence, physical violence or other forms of violence in close relationships. The counselors have a social work, psychology or legal education. 


 33 33 00 47

Here you can get advice in Arabic and English.




 23 99 58 37 / 23 99 58 35


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