Center for the Analysis of Power Relations

Violence starts in language - and that's where we stop it.

Center for Magtanalyse is a non-profit organisation that strives to prevent physical and psychological forms of violence. We do this by addressing sexism, racism and homophobia etc. as social problems.  We will expand the collective knowledge about violence through innovative and innovative education, research, support offers and knowledge about violence in order to actively prevent the violence.

Talk about Violence
Peer-to-peer support and networking groups for victims of violence. Advocacy that generates dialogue and public engagement in regards to experienced and witnessed violence.

Understanding Violence

A knowledge centre, where results from our support groups form a basis for teaching materials for professionals, children and young people. 

Femicide Watch
Research that investigates femicides and intimate partner homicides, as well as develops prevention tools for experts and civilians. 

New support groups

Vi opstarter nye støttegrupper for tre målgrupper:

+ 40 år den 22.03.23 kl. 16:30-18:30.

30-40 år den 04.04.23 kl 16:30-18:30

18-30 år den 10.04.23 kl. 16:30-18:30 

Tilmelding på right here 


"Violence Behind the Facade"

Programs available right here 


Listen to "Live with it" on P1

We debate topics such as femicide in pop culture, the romanticization of violence and control. The Nordic paradox and strategies for the prevention of violence and murder.
Programs available right here as a podcast on DR Lyd


New analysis!

On the basis of the largest to date mapping of Danish femicides, we are now publishing one analysis. The analysis shows, among other things, that jealousy is the primary reason for killing women in Denmark.






Nyt samarbejde

 In collaboration with ExitCirklen, we offer support to people who have survived attempted murders. read more here Talk about Violence.

Read more about ExitCirklen and their offer right here


Action at the opening of the Folketing

No more femicides! We want a plan of action now!

A public action at the opening of the Folketinget on the 4th of October


Free teaching course for primary schools in Copenhagen

Read about the course right here